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On November 11, 2016 a Word and Action (W&A) team travelled to Port-Salut, Southern Haiti for a preliminary assessment trip. The main purpose of this trip was to explore ways to organize our upcoming Humanitarian/ Healthcare trip while bringing needed relief to the people who have been affected by hurricane Mathew. This plan falls within the W&A Haiti Relief Efforts of 2016 that was launched the day after hurricane Matthew devastated the southern region of Haiti.   

We are grateful for your generosity, which enables us to bring relief to the most vulnerable among the victims. Please continue to support our efforts by make a donation today and help us help the courageous people of Haiti.

We want to continue to provide support to families in Haiti. It is worth noting that child sexual abuse could correlate with the socio-economic condition of the victims, especially in underdeveloped countries like Haiti. Therefore, socio-economic supports to families might reduce the risk level of children being sexually abused or sexually exploited. 


We can only help the "at risk families" with you support. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Note: One hundred percent of your contribution went directly to the victims.


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