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Kids Protect

The aim of the Kids Protect Prevention Booklet, I Feel Safe, is to empower children to say ‘No’ (and keep safe) in threatening situations. Prevention and awareness is the key to maintaining child safety in our communities.

Kids Protect is an effective tool giving individuals, families, practitioners, and communities the opportunity to disclose, discuss, protect against, and prevent children from being abused.

This is a 44-page book and the followings are just a few pages selected for the purpose of this document.

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Kids Protect Project

Creators, Georges Bossous Jr., M.S. and Khan Wilson, with the expert guidance of Dr. Fanya Jabouin have collaboratively developed a step by step child-friendly educational resource - Kids Protect. From their professional experience, they identified a need for an easy to use resource that guides the user through the prevention strategies, encouraging individuals to disclose, talk about and express their experiences, establishing a solid base from which to move on to working through resolution and therapeutic strategies. 


Strengthening The Family Indonesia

Strengthening The Family  is a child sexual abuse prevention program aiming at educating parents  and providing them with effective tools to best protect their children againt sexual predators. 


UnMasked Bali Event

UnMasked was created as a yearly event to celebrate  the courage of those who have survived the ordeal of child sexual abuse; hence, the official event title, "UnMasked: A Celebration of Courage." In addition, UnMasked is a way to let the child-victims know that they are not alone. 

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