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In 2010, after the horrific earthquake hit Haiti, Taylor was involved in starting a camp in Jacmel, Haiti for women and children. This led her to serve as ambassador to a charity Word & Action, which is involved in stopping child abuse in Haiti and helping to create a healthy environment for children to thrive and dream. As ambassador to Word & Action, she contributes efforts by raising awareness for the aims, objectives, and priorities of the organization.


Published July 09, 2015

Therapist to meet with Perlitz alleged victims in Haiti


HARTFORD—A Miami psychotherapist who heads up a nonprofit organization to assist sex-abuse victims will be meeting with 22 Haitian street boys who claim they were assaulted by Douglas Perlitz over a 10-year period. 



Published May 23, 2012


Interview Taylor Anne Erickson

On 12 January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, affecting nearly 3,000,000 people. Soon after the earthquake, Taylor became involved in the humanitarian efforts throughout the devastated area. Her continued loyalty to the country brought her to serve as Ambassador to Word & Action , an organisation that is devoted to preventing child abuse and the protection of the wellbeing of children in Haiti.

Published October 03, 2012

W&A News

A Transformational Journey for Change

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada—[UNVEIL MAGAZINE]—For the past couple of months I’ve been having series of phone conversations with Robints Paul (better known as Vox Sambou), a childhood friend. Often, two major topics always dominated our conversations: First, my joy of working in the field of Psychology for over five years.


Second, my idea of developing a program called “Strengthening the Family,” which is a new approach to sexual abuse prevention. As a matter of fact, the subtitle that I retained for the program is: “A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Sexual Abuse Prevention.” “Word and Action (W&A)” is the organization that is going to implement Strengthening the Family in Miami.

Published November 04, 2010

W&A News

What fuels me up everyday

I had one of the most exhilarating experiences, as a Psychotherapist, during my last therapy session with a 15-year-old Sexually Abused girl. It is worth noting, this teenager was a beautiful Haitian-American who revealed that her abuses have started back in Haiti when she was 4 years of age. She was sexually and physically abused by several older men in the area where she used to live. Her parents never knew as they trusted those individuals who used to come to the house regularly.



Published April 20, 2011

Réseau Citadelle

Providing help to terribly wounded child sexual abuse victims in Haiti

Cap Haitien, Haiti - For two intense and riveting hours yesterday, twenty two Haitian child sexual abuse victims gathered in a hotel court yard to listen to Georges Bossous, a Haitian born psychotherapist from Miami, speak to the boys in a session intended to provide the victims with "education and awareness" about child sexual abuse.



Published June 28, 2012


Fairfield University settles abuse lawsuit for $12M

“We want the kids to have access to a culturally competent psychotherapist, who has expertise treating victims of abuse and their families,” said Kendrick, adding, “That, along with competent financial advice will provide alternative for the young men to make choices that will allow for the money to be used in ways that provide meaningful alternatives to their lives.”

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Published July 10, 2013

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