Word and Action Haiti (W&AH) is a sister organzation of Word and Action, Inc. based in Haiti. Its mission is to prevent the occurence of child sexual abuse in Haiti through elaborated and sustainable programs. One of the main objectives of W&AH is to create a therapeutic center in Haiti where children and their family could be provided with a soothing environment to be healed from trauma related to child sexual absue.

Word & Action Haiti relies on volunteered services and supports of prominent individuals from the world of art, sports, literature, and entertainment, to highlight its priority issues and to draw attention to its mission and activities. It has been shown that celebrities could be very influential in raising public attention to issues that are impacting our society.


For example, the United Nations (UN) has developed a great program called “Goodwill Ambassador.” Many celebrities have been nominated as Goodwill Ambassadors to the UN, in order to further its many humanitarian programs around the world. Furthermore, concerned citizens could have similar impacts, when acting collectively; therefore, W&A has developed the "W&A Ambassador" and "Angel" Program in order to raise consciousness about child sexual abuse, not only in our community, but also globally.

On February 2013, the Executive Director of Word & Action, Mr. Georges Bossous, Jr. was invited to be part of a serie of three interviews about child sexual abuse and the "restavek" issue in Haiti on the American government radio, "Voice of America" (Creole). 

Pawol Timoun on VOA Part I - Georges Bossous Jr.
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Pawol Timoun on VOA - Part II - Georges Bossous Jr.
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Pawol Timoun on VOA - Part III - Georges Bossous Jr.
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