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Psychotherapeutic Service


W&A engages qualified and experienced Master-level and licensed professionals to work as clinicians with our clients and their family. Our culturally-based approach to treatment is a unique model that enables us to render effective services to clients of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We pride ourselves in taking the lead within our community to raise awareness in a way that enables victims to reveal their hidden feelings and seek for treatment.


Furthermore, we believe that treatment starts from the moment the client steps into our agency. That is one of the reasons that we consciously create a child-friendly and soothing therapeutic environment, where clients and their family could feel at ease and comfortable.


Our policy pertaining to privacy is paramount in our agency. The HIPAA rules are strictly reinforced in our office. We ensure that all of our clinicians and workers are well trained and certified on the HIPAA law in compliance with the requirements of the United States Department of Health.


Our clients are treated with respect, empathy, and professionalism. 

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