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A Young Victim of Sexual Abuse by an American Citizen Died in Cap-Haitian

"The loss of Dimitri is a hard blow for me (personally). I'm crying again his departure. Because, he was a good guy, harmless who sought only to live. Even in misery, Dimitri showed himself proud. He was too proud to accept head healthy this (sexual abuse) had happened to him." Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haiti.

Cyrus Sibert is a Haitian journalist who, in late 2007, first reported the sexual abuse of children at Project Pierre Toussaint on Cap Haitian, Haiti. He is a clear and forceful voice for justice for abuse victims in Haiti.

The story. - Citadel Network:

A thought for Ellius Joseph known under the name Dimitri, a young victim of sexual abuse at the orphanage Pierre Toussaint that ran his executioner Douglas Perlitz, in Cap-Haitian.

In the aftermath of the trauma of sexual abuse, Dimitri took refuge in alcohol. He became addicted. He placed himself in tears every time he was obliged to tell his misadventure with Douglas Perlitz, this American citizen responsible for foster home in cap-Haitian, who took advantage of more than 147 street children. His life was disrupted by these memories of nightmares.

On 30 October 2015, Dimitri died of an overdose of alcohol in the district of lafossette. Too much alcohol in the blood, his heart stopped.

This is the situation of thousands of victims of sexual abuse in Haiti. Young people without voice struggle without assistance with the aftermath of trauma at the time the sexual predators took advantage of them after trapped.

With an underdeveloped society, a state irresponsible and corruption, Haiti offers a privileged space for all those people who wish to abuse of children.

There's no such thing as a former victim of sexual abuse or former sexual predator. The victims must be accompanied by; Predators, incarcerated or placed under judicial control and / or administrative.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haiti

30 April 2016



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