Children Sexually Abused in Haiti: Activist Paul Kendrick has Writtent to Attorney Mitchell Garabedi

November 8, 2013

Mitchell Garabedian

Attorney at Law

‪100 State Street

‪Boston, MA

Dear Attorney Garabedian,

I will be launching a campaign to immediately raise $150,000 from defendants Fairfield University, the New England Jesuits and the Order of Malta to establish a community counseling center in Cap-Haitien, Haiti for child sexual abuse victims and their families.

Providing professional, culturally competent mental health treatment to terribly wounded child sexual abuse victims in Haiti is a pioneering effort.

Such an effort is akin to bringing in a new and powerful vaccine.

Unfortunately, prior to the settlement that you engineered this past summer on behalf of 24 Haitian child sexual abuse victims, you blatantly ignored my pleadings to make funds available to provide mental health services to these abuse victims.

You're not alone. Instead of just grudgingly providing financial reparations to the victims for their neglect in not protecting them from abuse, the Jesuits at Fairfield University and the New England Province should have stepped up to ensure that qualified medical and mental health treatment is available to the victims in Haiti.

Four weeks ago, I traveled to Haiti to meet once again with the victims. The situation is complicated. As a result, I am now more concerned than ever that we provide the help and assistance the victims need to live healthy, meaningful and productive lives.

Let us not forget for even one moment that these abuse victims are the very same homeless, abandoned, and hungry street kids who were threatened, intimidated, and raped by an individual whom they depended upon for food, shelter, education and clothing.

The disgusting things that this perpetrator did to their minds and bodies is a non-erasable fact.

I hope you will help the victims in this endeavor. I hope you will choose to be part of the solution.

We have a team of professionals ready to go (

We need funding.

Paul Kendrick


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